Monday, November 15, 2010

Yashica Autofocus S and Kodak Tmax 100

Here is the Tmax 100 I shot with the yashica. I was complaining to stephanie that I needed another film body to carry around with me, for color film, and she arrived one day with this little beauty.  At first, I was squeamish.  I mean, point and shoot?  Really?  No control over exposure or focus?  Its like a perverse little Holga-thing.  But no.  It has a little focus button that does pretty well. It also exposes nicely, and the lens on the tiny bugger isnt bad either.  So, enough complaining. I shot this at 160EI and 200EI via the rotating exposure ring on the face of the camera. It seems do be damned accurate too.  Whether in tribute to the machinery of Yashica, or in detriment to my skills as a photographer, this is my favorite roll of Tmax 100 so far.  This particular tmax is about 11 years old having expired in 2000.  I was quite pleased, I hope you are as well. 


Anonymous said...

First, how did i miss this blog post. Secondly, I say all of the Yashica AF cameras are 'magical'. Even though every one says the opposite.

hell-on-a-stick said...

I have to agree. This little point and shoot is pretty magical, although it also magically does not focus correctly depending on what it thinks that you're shooting. lol.