Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Aquisitions

All I wanted for christmas was cameras, and boy, did I get them. During my trip to Hannibal, Missouri, I picked up a Brownie twin 20 and shot a roll of Plus-x through it. Its another 620 camera that was easily modified to take a 120 spool. It also has a real old-fasioned flash bulb attachment that is so powerful, it will blind anything in the immediate area.  My sister was kind enough to give me a new/used Nikon as well, a f-301/N2000 that is now the Corvette of my collection. It does everything and even has a flash. There's a group of cameras that are waiting in the wings to be purchased, and I just received some unlooked-for christmas cash, Soooo, I'll be picking up those cameras momentarily. Hooray for cameras!  Especially ones that work!

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