Saturday, October 30, 2010

Learning about Filters

For this experiment, I used a wide array of lighting gels.  Mostly, Dark orange, Lt. Orange, Deep Crimson, Lt. Red, Lt. Blue, yellow, Burgundy and Deep Violet.  I hand held the gels, and took photos as recommended.  The point of the experiment was to create a sort of collage of different colored photos, in a way like Warhol's 'Daisies'.  The day I began, was bright and sunny, but as the Colorado weather changes at 8400 ft, the next day it snowed and I had the opportunity to use the white backdrop to my advantage as well. I also took several black and white photos, in order that we might use them to enlarge and then cover with a light colored panel of the gel, thereby simulating the 'daisies' effect as well.

All in all, the project taught me some useful things, and also opened my mind to a new set of experiments that I could enact with the use of color film.  Recently, I taped a Lt. Blue panel across the lens of my Yashica Auto Focus S point and shoot camera, loaded with Kodak Portra 100T film.  When the results come through, i'll be sure to post them up.
These photos were all taken with Kodak Ultramax 400ASA film

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