Thursday, June 17, 2010

We are the New Lords

We are the new lords of truth
Simple lines
Simple words

We eke out an existence
and you never know us.

We wait for the dark and the lonely moment
(We have to flee the police for our statement)
And in garish colors we paint the structures of our hearts
on concrete walls
and you people,
you subway people,
you 9 to 5ers
you sick, money-infected, stupidity-addicted 'people'
call it a 'crime' call it 'destruction' call it 'trash' call it
what ever you call it

Our hearts are not silent
even as we toil the low wage job
the corner sale
or no job
we dream shapes to place into your world
in garish colors
that bleed out of us
that are us

So cover us up, if you want
are the New Lords of Truth
and there will be more of us

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