Friday, April 30, 2010

Experiments in Color Film

Here are some of the results from my first development experiment in color film. I took regular old Kodak Ultramax 800 @ 3200 and developed in regular dilution Acufine. I poured in enough developer @ 22c to get about half of the film covered and then let it stand for 2 min. I added some 18c water and agitated lightly for 30 sec, then let stand for 2min. I dumped the solution, added more regular developer and agitated once every 2 min for another 8 min. I then stopped for 1 min and fixed for 12 minutes agitating gently and regularly. What I got wasn't at all typical, most of the posts I read on-line specified that it would be a waste of time, that there would be 'zero contrast' and it was impossible to print or scan negatives through the orange mask on the color film. I am pretty happy with the craziness that ensued.

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