Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Edge of the Dream

Two men played an endless game
over a wide map
set in the flagstones of a lavish castle 

Upon the flagstones were 
different geological regions
mountains, plains, forest

The two men were aged,
one with long flowing white hair
and the other grim and weathered 

The white-haired one congratulated the other
on being the best player he had found
the weathered one nodded, but did not reply

The white haired man moved the pieces without touching them
and explained that, 
"I just ask my intuition for answers, right or left, and then I move in that direction"

The weathered man remained silent
moving his piece forward
with a gloved hand

When they both reached the center of the board
they rolled dice and began to circumnavigate a symbol at the center using small figurines.
the symbol was a black 'V' set in a green field encircled with black filigree

It was this black line that they followed to the conclusion of each round of the game
until the old man with flowing hair waved his hand in a cutting gesture and laughed
that was the end of the days session, he explained to me

Then, I woke up 

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