Thursday, May 20, 2010

Estranged Glands

phu phu phu
phu phu phu
harder than it looks.

The director enters
the room spins.

Why are you always catching me unawares?

the Dionysiac labours of man are never ceased
the cultish faddish colors and motions arise and are severed
with generational gaps
like a scissors noone can see

The wise are garmented in fibers no-one can tell.
The king's new clothes indeed.

Hear here
that the anti-fictional doesn't have to be coherent.
blabber is a language of children
and it makes sense, even if all it says is:
I'm Happy

Light bends and we break
Like Bends near the break
Like bends rising to the break
Bend before you break
Break at the bend
bend the break

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